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How to use.

This is pretty self explanatory but, in case you aren't familiar with how this will go I will explain.

If you find a bug click issues, new issue and fill out the forms, Please be sure to add a label (right hand column) the available ones are with a short explanation of usage.

Label Usage
ItemScripts You are either working with them. Or have found a bug with them. If your working with them please note the itemID or range.
RegionScripts Bugs, or Working on them. If working on them please note the ones you are working with.
SpawnScripts Bugs Please note what zone(s) if working with them.
Spells Bugs, or working on them, please note what ID's/Spells.
Zone(s) Assignment ** note below **
ZoneScripts Bugs or working with, Please note what zone(s).
bug To be used with above if its a bug found. Please note all info needed such as screenshots, or correct info. You can also assign these to yourself if you are fixing one.
duplicate This has already been fixed. Nothing more needs to be done.
help wanted You require assistance on something assigned to you.
question You need input.

For Zone(s) Assignment : This is used to claim ownership of entire zones. So if you wanted to work on Nektulos, Nektropos Castle, and D'Morte Burial Chambers you would add an issue, for title say Working on Nektulos, Nektropos Castle, and D'Morte Burial Chambers. In the box below you would add any relivant info such as "Just doing spawnscripts" or something of the sort.

Doing things this way solves 2 issues outright

1) Prevent either duplicate work, or deleted work.

2) Gives content developers a list of what's completed (closed issues, or ones marked completed) or what is currently being worked on by a developer. This will also let new content devs pick items that they don't see done or being worked on and jump right in.

This also has an added bonus of letting non-developers see exactly what is getting worked on and how far things have come.