Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Image ca1244046a Exe Update 1 week ago
  Image 1609cb9797 Support for IsCollector visual state (turn in quest) wip, movement location crash fix 1 week ago
  Image 2213bee37d Exe Update 2 weeks ago
  Image dd874435aa remove previous client from the mapping when replacing its current usable player (linkdead/rejoining) 2 weeks ago
  Image ad039b5250 exe update 1 month ago
  Image aefa1db989 signal packet version set to 1 as the struct hasn't changed, but certain compiles may not appreciate missing opcode version 1 month ago
  Image 40dce167d2 Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image 77616c791e /gm tag implemented, fixed escape code again, implemented zoning redundancy 1 month ago
  Image 477b4a95b3 Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image 4e9dedd5e2 Fix appearance items attuning / equipping 1 month ago
  Image 3918fd946c Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image 5b9b2642f4 Fixed SysClient setting client ready for updates, when it was sending keep alive, added sent wait state for spawns (500ms delay) 1 month ago
  Image 4fd44bf34a Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image b251f10923 More remnant SPGrid code no longer needed is removed.. 1 month ago
  Image 1b92d3f29b Login Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image 53ced1811b World Update Exe 1 month ago
  Image f5e044ae4e version update to 0.9.4 geminorum 1 month ago
  Image 1bf4e4fdd7 fix coordinate bugs 1 month ago
  Image 6ea88255f6 Exe Update 1 month ago
  Image 6b012c810b world project update to remove SPGrid files 1 month ago
  Image 80add76130 SPGrid removed, grid system is now part of raycast mesh, grids no longer have a precision issue and cpu usage is down heavily 1 month ago
  Image f94fb6cf3d Exe Update 2 months ago
  Image e43f9009ba SPGrid workaround reduced to allow more tolerable cpu levels 2 months ago
  Image a5c5abdae3 Exe Update 2 months ago
  Image ed62ee50a1 Update Spawn.cpp 2 months ago
  Image a1dfaa8459 Exe Update 2 months ago
  Image 744ffb46d0 ghost map stability venture 3 2 months ago
  Image 9b7deb7f82 Exe Update 2 months ago
  Image fcc409dacc ghost map day #2 -- the reckoning? 2 months ago
  Image 227e504a7f Exe Update 2 months ago