Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Emagi 10fb54503b set a min for skill on groundspawns 22 hours ago
  Emagi 836d8fa5d9 Fix flying mobs offsets in zones that have dual maps for clients 2 days ago
  Emagi 345b91d243 - Fix #271 - Quiver / Pouch support for ranged items! (Bags can now be applied to equippable slots). All clients supported, Isle of Refuge you cannot open the bag inventory via the equipped slot, must use the inventory slot instead. 3 days ago
  Emagi 3024959a8c Fix #490, quest journal zone, category type now set correctly. Also fixed a ghost map crash for the client, we were not setting the spawn index correctly and re-using spawn indexes 4 days ago
  Emagi ccab5ef723 Fix grid issues with KoS and earlier clients, they have a specan older map than AoM used 4 days ago
  Emagi 889ef67a78 Merge branch 'master' of 1 week ago
  Emagi ccf38233ab **Tradeskills**: 1 week ago
  Devn00b 5ae0b7417f Login EXE Update 1 week ago
  Devn00b 9cd3f77ae5 Windows EXE Update 1 week ago
  Emagi 89daa29e97 Address signs on the ground, apparently some do not count as widgets 2 weeks ago
  Emagi 97a576609d file was not reflected correctly, did not release, but writelock 2 weeks ago
  Emagi 79229a6de8 Fix #565 - avoid crash, packet buffer overruns/overflows, Fix #563 cavoid crash all getcurrentspell on dead lua state after reload spells called 3 weeks ago
  Emagi 3ea33e3ebe stop NPCs from running away as dead corpses when they die 3 weeks ago
  Emagi d5ca6ef710 LUA AddSpawnToGroup will no longer override the existing group if you call it twice, this would cause encounters to be unlinked, LUA SpawnGroupByID will now properly group the spawns into a single linked spawn group 3 weeks ago
  Emagi 40260d1ab3 spawn needs to keep a directional heading before it gets near target 3 weeks ago
  Emagi 6b59a3dfcb Do not change heading of spawn when in combat (since they already face a target) 3 weeks ago
  Emagi 02c330db1a Fix #574 - our face target code was incorrect for EQ2 based headings causing incorrect headings for certain directions 3 weeks ago
  Emagi c82684228b address older clients with the same map as AoM also updating their Y coord 4 weeks ago
  Emagi 2663197afe special AoM condition for flying/water creatures also! 1 month ago
  Emagi 5ee536ac7f address outstanding AoM behaviors 1 month ago
  Emagi 22edba7e27 remove unnecessary version flag for lifts 1 month ago
  Emagi 879a4e4fb1 too many damn lift conditions 1 month ago
  Emagi a42bb89feb oops fixed lifts again movement mode is different for npcs than it is lifts 1 month ago
  Emagi a674a3f815 Oops this is needed to make sure transports dont jump/warp 1 month ago
  Emagi eb8c868b05 fix nek for kos 1 month ago
  Emagi eeeaed0032 remove old maps 1 month ago
  Emagi 95721ea64b Additional maps fixed for kos client 1 month ago
  Emagi cb1d0f8c3f - Fix #466 - jagged behavior of lifts is resolved and transport spawns no longer move back to original position (stay at offset like multifloor lifts) 1 month ago
  Emagi f5685e3918 Login Updates: 1 month ago
  Emagi 41738ba225 Isle of Refuge March 2005 Client **BETA** Support!! 1 month ago