Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Image 1f62d0eb44 Exe Updates 6 hours ago
  Image e2c53de1d5 deadlock fix on RotateTo 6 hours ago
  Image 44c35d3747 boat deboard function (better naming convention), disable cooldown when off boat 6 hours ago
  Image f6c846962b Exe Updates 8 hours ago
  Image 99d37e6d7f Update EQStream.cpp 8 hours ago
  Image 2ae7dcc027 Exe Updates 8 hours ago
  Image 4d7ca1d93b remove debug code 8 hours ago
  Image c4cd63bef6 Exe Updates 9 hours ago
  Image 712aa12a94 Rogue packet WIP (lets see if this stops crashing) 9 hours ago
  Image 096d3d5323 More work for boats, not done yet 9 hours ago
  Image 59e2fefacd Exe Update 3 days ago
  Image dfb54ed1da Add player_loadcomplete lua function for Zone Script in DoneLoadingUIResources 3 days ago
  Image b9ace87a00 Exe Update 1 week ago
  Image f592c1aa90 Starting code for boats, will get cleaned up more soon 1 week ago
  Image d482157ba2 mentor text color (purple) 1 week ago
  Image cf540d1201 fix /flag to show correct admin status 1 week ago
  Image e61443e195 fix effective level to match new level when you gain a level, unless mentored 1 week ago
  Image 6bb93a08ab Exe Updates 1 week ago
  Image 1bd2cbf596 Code updates for auriga 1 week ago
  Image 0e9c696de6 spell crash fix when spell can't be found (happened on drink but we dont know what spell) 1 week ago
  Image fe260f507b Exe Updates 2 weeks ago
  Image 6c8e81eb3d DB Update for items 2 weeks ago
  Image 5e623860d4 Additional tradeskill/craft crash fixes, item db rework, source in new items db 2 weeks ago
  Image 13f19433e4 Exe Update 2 weeks ago
  Image 6003016c5b Fix tradeskill crash with item id 0 in recipe components 2 weeks ago
  Image 965356a69f Fix windows dead locking 2 weeks ago
  Image d0f6bf9c0e DB update for mentor and unmentor commands 2 weeks ago
  Image 9b6922842e Exe Updates 2 weeks ago
  Image 261c2b75be number of spell casting/display behavior fixes and prototype mentor option for group members 2 weeks ago
  Image f4ca20966f 0.9.2 auriga version set 2 weeks ago