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    Windows Installer

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    The newest version of this file can always be downloaded at (

    Please note this is marked as 1.0, however, this denotes the INSTALLER version only. The EMU is still in a pre-alpha/alpha state.

    Server Update Options:

    In file launch.bat you will find the following options

    SQLUPDATE - 0 off, 1 Full Update (delete everything), 2 Partial (Saves Characters, Guilds, and Such).

    EXEUPDATE - Script will update, EXE files. 1 for on, anything else for off. If we update we check for structs as well.

    LUAUPDATE - Script will update, the LUA files. 1 for on, anything else for off.

    MAPUPDATE - Update Maps. 0 off, 1 on.

    SENDBUGS - Send bugs to the development team. Use /bug. 1 for on, 0 for off.

    LSUPDATE - Update LoginServer SQL 1 for on. 0 for off.

    UPDATELS - Update LoginServer Character Data from WorldServer. 1 for on. 0 for off.

    Server Options:

    In LoginServer.ini You can set your server name Worldname=.

    Default Login Server Username/Password is eq2emu/eq2emu.

    Mysql Options (Optional):

    In file my-large.ini(mariadb\bin\ directory), Set thread_concurrency = to number of CPU's * 2.

    So if you have 8cores set it to 16. The default is thread_concurrency = 2.

    Options File:

    Inside the server directory (Default C:\EQ2EMu-Zeklabs) there is a file called options running it will give you the following choices

    1) Update SQL. (SAME AS SQLUPDATE=1)

    2) Update LUA. (SAME AS LUAUPDATE=1)

    3) Update EXEs. (SAME AS EXEUPDATE=1)

    4) Update MAPs. (SAME AS MAPUPDATE=1)

    5) Update Startup Script. (This will update LAUNCH EQ2EMU.bat)

    6) Full Rebuild (update DB/LUA/SQL/MAPS after delete. This will take a long time).

    The default password for the MYSQL root user is blank (Localhost only).

    The user/password for Login and Mysql is eq2emu/eq2emu.

    Included Software and Versions.

    MariaDB(mysql) -- 10.4.12 (

    Unrar -- 5.90 (

    Wget(windows) -- 1.20.3 (

    HeidiSql -- 11.0.0 (

    Find And Replace Text -- 1.99b ( EQ2emu -- Git Live (

    This install is not intended to be secure it is intended to work on most systems.