Image 244fe96dc5 Create spawntable_update_jul27_2021.sql 5 months ago
additionfields_mar6_2021.sql fe70bba3b0 DB Updates 10 months ago
character_house_history.sql 4f1005b647 History tab inside house now functioning for Paid Upkeep 1 year ago
characters_table_update_groupid_aug21_2020.sql 41716c32fa Group fixes/support - requires characters table update 1 year ago
characterspells_mar6_2021.sql a718618909 lua_file set to not include default value since mysql is picky 10 months ago
chest_traps_tableandsamples.txt d7a00658d1 Rest of Chest Traps and Disarm Chest Traps implementation 1 year ago
findspawn_command.sql c34cf38c7d Added /findspawn searchstring/regex 1 year ago
fixed_emotes_table.sql 745185ecde Fixed emote visual state ids for classic/DoF client 1 year ago
holiday_flag_updates.sql 452ce7f157 add holiday_flag to spawn and transporters table 1 year ago
house_deposits.sql a1f8fb9ed2 Deposit tab in the house supports deposits, track deposit history and escrow balance 1 year ago
items_body_drop_dec31_2020.sql 10b1a4e8d0 allow body drops with body_drop item db entry 1 year ago
items_redesign_apr3_2021.rar 6c8e81eb3d DB Update for items 9 months ago
items_table_update_aug22_2020.sql f374cb4dd4 items table update flags_16384 -> no_transmute, flags2_256 -> no_salvage 1 year ago
le_farjourneyfreeport_updates_sep21.sql 95bbe23192 SQL Updates for changes to Far Journey Freeport -- only supported for NEW characters after this update sourced 1 year ago
login_updates.sql a9f087b40c Cleanup logging behavior 1 year ago
lootdrop_update_june23_2021.sql 25eb7d26d5 Create lootdrop_update_june23_2021.sql 6 months ago
ls_table_update_mar21_2021.sql 852f035b45 Exe Updates 10 months ago
mentor_commands_apr1_2021.sql d0f6bf9c0e DB update for mentor and unmentor commands 9 months ago
merchant_levelranges.sql 60d7b7527f spawn table merchant_min_level and merchant_max_level issue #67 1 year ago
movecharacter_command_dec27_2020.sql f85294d6a0 Support for /movecharacter 1 year ago
opcodes_for_283_and_546.sql 8e9afeded6 Fixed merchants and examine hang 1 year ago
reload_command_additions.sql a7fe1df8f0 reload commands added 1 year ago
reloadregionscripts_command_nov22_2020.sql b815c3dd9a Create reloadregionscripts_command_nov22_2020.sql 1 year ago
ruinsvarsoon_door_fixes.sql d361d5c8c1 ruins of varsoon door fixes 1 year ago
spawntable_update_jul27_2021.sql 244fe96dc5 Create spawntable_update_jul27_2021.sql 5 months ago
spell_errors_and_commands_10_21_2020.sql 339071500e added /waypoint command 1 year ago
spells_update_feb24_2021.sql 4663fa36c9 Spell stacking restrictions integrated using linked_timer_id and a new field, type_group_spell_id 10 months ago
spells_update_feb28_2021.sql 03890860f3 DB Update 10 months ago
spells_update_sep_27_2020.sql 65109b0d5d Glowpaths/waypoints added 1 year ago
spiritshards_xpdebt_feb7_2021.sql 65e7222de5 Spirit Shards, Group and Solo EXP Debt (PVE/PVP), new lua functions, rules included 11 months ago
starting_rule_nov_29_2020.sql f76cee915e starting zone db updates 1 year ago
starting_zones_nov_29_2020.sql f76cee915e starting zone db updates 1 year ago
stormhold_door_fixes.sql 9ecc05c5ce stormhold door updates 1 year ago
titles_updates_dec12_2020.sql 1ee2f8c4d0 Titles DB update to fix commands and increase available title options 1 year ago
transporters_flight_path.sql 905cc8b0ba Flight path support for transport maps issue #143 1 year ago
transporters_table_updates.sql 8c7da8e039 Support for expansion_flag, min and max client version for transporters table (zone and generic transport type) 1 year ago